Walthamstow marshes are a type of wetlands dominated by emergent vegetation such as reeds, cattails and sedges. Wetlands are a distinct ecosystem that is flooded either permanently or seasonally. They also have been described as ecotones providing the transition between dry and water bodies. 
Photos in this exhibit are the dry part of the show. The wet one consists of Sound walks and Environmental Sonic Meditations that will take place during the next weeks. 
Moving from the wet to the dry and vice versa, connect all your senses for becoming, at your own pace, a sensory transitional zone. 
-10th of November 2023 to 8th of January 2024 (7/7 9h-16h30) 
Photography exhibition at Riverside café (Spring Hill, London E5 9BL) 
-10th, 24th of November and 1st, 8th of December 2023 from 11h to 12h. 
Environmental Meditations at Springfield Park Bandstand (Springfield, London E5 9EF) 
Listening workshop open to all involving voice and wind instruments. 
-12th of November 2023 from 16h to 17h30  
Night Soundwalk in the Walthamstow marshes (Meeting at Riverside café). 
All events are free and open to all.  Register at arturmvidal@gmail.com for workshops and sound walk.

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