@evisroma and @arturmatamorovidalduring their performance at the Monster research camp. They used water as a performative and musical element. Artur, in the background, is playing his saxophone filled with water - an amazing sound that magically mixed with the synthesizer textures of @nobutakashomura and the readings of @monikadorniak

Monika Dorniak @monikadorniak .
In their performance (working title: half witch, half orphan) interdisciplinary artist Monika Dorniak analyses dualistic doctrines, in the context of 'another' disrupting an apparent 'norm', and wonders, how such historical indoctrinations impact our emotions and feelings until present. At Monster Believers, Dorniak debuted an excerpt of a score, which evolved from her ongoing practice-based research on the acts of mourning, intergenerational trauma and reclaiming the social body. As part of the Fonds Darstellende Künste research-stipend in 2023, she spent time analysing stories of (primarily female and non-binary) slavic demons, and recognised that their characters were often based on people who did not (fully) fit into the frame of a pseudo-normative and patriarchal society – hence were turned into social outcasts. In the work the artist wonders what would happen if demons were given a place to mourn, and grief, within society – rather than Othering them. 📸 @t.i.n.wilke .This event was funded by Kulturamt Reinickendorf. #monsterbelievers#monikadorniak #performance #slavicdemons #berlin#tegelersee #recap
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