21-07 Info Kiosk II, Springfield Park Bandstand (London)


20-07 Cosi Nook with Nomi Epstein,Thornton Heath (London)


27-05 Info Kiosk, Springfield Park Bandstand (London)


19-05 Relentless, The Intimate Space (London)


25-04 LCC Sound Arts Visiting Practitioners Series (London)


7-03 Bread and Flowers, the Old Biscuit Factory (London)


17-03 Cafe Oto Choir (Sarah Davachi Residency), Cafe Oto (London)


7-04 Cafe Oto Choir (Annea Lockwood Residency), Cafe Oto (London)


11-04 Here.Here (compositions by Stefan Thut), Iklectik (London)