6-08 Noise festival , Sonoscopia (Porto)


28-07 The Potting Shed (curated by Jude Cowan Montague and Iris Garrelfs), V22 Louise House (London)


26-07  Saxophones in the Marshes, with Rachel Musson, Caroline Kraabel and Ignacio CZ, Walthamstow Marshes (London)


20-07 Markov Networks For Free Improvisers , Collective improvisation on Stefano Kalonaris model of musical interaction), Iklectic (London)


7-05 Hélène Smith's 'vocal utopias' and Derek Bailey's non-idiomatic improvisation (talk), Fringes, outsides and undergrounds:

The aesthetics and politics of unpopular music, Goldsmiths University (London)


28-04 Athelstan sound , workshop organised by Dan Scott, (Margate)


16-04 Sonic meditations on a vocal utopia (workshop), spb experiemntal music practices (Saint Petersburg)


13-04 Vocal utopias and non idiomatic improvisation (talk), Sound Museum (Saint Petersburg)


7-04 LAUSCH II (with Grundik Kasyansky)  , Lewisham arthouse (curated by Rahel Kraft), (London)


27-03 Fire, St Leonard’s Churchin Shoreditch (London)


04-03 Las bicletas sonoras (talk) , Espacios sonoros 2016, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid